Web Site Creation Checklist

red-check-markUse the following web site creation checklist to launch your next WordPress web project. It is designed to save you money and most important, avoid flying by the seat of your pants and crashing down the road. What you need to succeed. Review the entire list to understand the flow and strategy before starting. More

Page Load Performance

pageloadWeb site bounce rate and search engine ranking are often driven by page load performance, the time to takes to load each web site page. There are a few easy to use web page tools to measure page load time and suggestions how to improve those times. More

WordPress BackUp

backupDriveEvery WordPress owner should ensure they have a backup of their web site in the event of disaster.  A web site disaster can be any time your web site fails to display, someone made a major mistake editing content or WordPress core files, defacement and or a relationship with the webmaster or designer that went south. More